LEROY MERLIN promotes autonomy, initiative and innovation to every employee. Every employee is responsible for his/her individual role and is expected to share all knowledge and experience with colleagues.  Supporting each other leads to a group success. We pledge our candidates

"They sent me a reply»
Each candidate receives a positive or negative response

"The waiting lasts only 15 days'
I received a reply within 15 days (via email or letter).

"I had all the information"
If I am chosen for an interview, the procedures will be presented in a clear way: who they will meet,  date (approximate)  and the interval between interviews.

"I expect the next meeting"
You will be told what to expect

"Can I ask questions"
If you were not accepted you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may want.

"I got a reply"
In cases where you sat a test, you will have the results.

"I did not waste my time '
We strive to make sure that you have a good experience fro your interviews. Remember only the positive and things that you may have learnt along the way,

"I will remain a customer / client '
I am willing to remain a customer / client group companies ADEO